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The Mission of Terra Nova Films is to foster a greater understanding of life in its later years through the media of film and video.

Now Available  
Getting Hit, Grabbed & Threatened: What it Means and What to Do
Hitting, grabbing, yelling, threatening...
Through real-life interactions, this DVD shows how catering your approach to the resident's "right-now" need can reduce or defuse aggressive behaviors while increasing the resident's sense of well-being.  more...
Working with Residents Who Wander
What do you do when residents wander or repeatedly attempt to leave the building?
Through hands-on demonstrations of person-specific care, this DVD shows staff how to adapt to the behaviors of the resident, explores the "whys" behind the behavior, and offers customized solutions that strike a balance between safety and flexibility.  more...

 Terra Nova  ON DEMAND   

With Terra Nova's new On Demand rental feature, you can now stream certain videos directly to your computer for unlimited viewing during the time frame of your choice.  You can rent the videos for 24 hours, 2 weeks, or choose a multiple-year license, depending on your training schedule and needs.  Most titles also include a brief preview to help you make your selections.

How to use our new On Demand feature:
On Demand  Rental prices:
24-hour rental: $19.95
2 week rental: $39.95-$79.95
5-year lease: purchase price of DVD

Streaming Video Websites for Family Caregivers

 www.videocaregiving.org   www.videoasistencia.org

Terra Nova has created a website that focuses on videos about family caregiving, www.videocaregiving.org/.  Using the stories of real people in real circumstances, the website provides excerpts from over 20 videos on a broad range of topics, including: Driving and Dementia, Emotions and Alzheimer’s, Falls, and Home Care Basics.
Now Available in Spanish www.videoasistencia.org/
Take a look, and pass along the information to those who will benefit from this FREE resource.

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