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Learning To Speak Alzheimer's: An Introduction To The
Habilitation Approach To Care

Produced by: Image Studio Films

Item Code: LTSAD
Format: DVD,VHS  
Running Time: 32 Minutes  
Purchase: $179.00
Rental: $59.00
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5 yr. license $179.00
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Applying the basic concepts of habilitation (which is simply care giving that embraces the remaining abilities of the person with dementia), the video shows how to create a suitable environment in which the person can lead a quality life through proactive adjustments.  The practical information in this video will enhance the physical, psycho-social, and sensory world of the person with Alzheimer's.

Caregivers will learn how to:

  • communicate better with persons with Alzheimer's.      
  • reduce emotional or aggressive-protective reactions by identifying and removing frustration triggers. 
  • engage the person in life-enriching activities that promote positive memories, and boost emotional stability and self-esteem.

Ideal for nursing homes, assisted living, hospital, and home settings.  A must see for all caregivers

Release Date 2008